100 Ideas

Welcome to the BSA’s new campaign ‘Science, not just for scientists: 100’ which aims to generate 100 ideas to make science a more fundamental part of culture and society. We are looking to crowdsource ideas, from scientists and non-scientists about how science can belong to all of us.

This is in response to our concern that many people in the UK see science as a school subject or something that is just done by scientists in a lab. We believe that science is a human endeavour, not just a list of facts – it is mind-set owned by anyone who approaches the world in an open-minded, sceptical, logical, systematic, empirically orientated, tentative and curious way. We believe that science is currently seen as the domain of professionals and experts; whereas other parts of our society – business, politics, media, art, or sport, for instance – are seen as being there for anyone to own and engage in if they want to.

We’re looking for ideas from non-scientists and scientists and we want to promote the idea that people without science backgrounds have the right to have an opinion on science.   Contribute your idea here!

We are also asking you to vote on any of the ideas you particularly support – both these initial ones, and as more are added throughout the duration of the campaign – and the BSA will then explore how we might implement these in partnership with like-minded people and organisations.

We would like to thank our partners, OpenDemocracy, for inspiring us with their fantastic 100 ideas for the BBC.