Change the idea that science is only for the privileged

Bethany Trott is 15 years old and currently doing her GCSEs

Is science just for the privileged? I believe that everybody should have access to science and that it shouldn’t just be for those who we class as the cream of the crop – the stereotypical middle-class males who have a degree in science.

Science is viewed as a subject that should only be talked about by ‘proper’ scientists. Many believe that if you have a different opinion on something that is in the current scientific community, then you are wrong, but science is a subject that needs to have differing opinions to show that there might be another theory out there. Science is built upon research that often leads to the modification of theory.

We need ideas from medical professionals, artists, students, teachers and the general public along with many others, to show that as a society, we can use our suggestions to help resolve the issues that we face. To achieve this, everyone needs to feel comfortable contributing to discussions about science.

I believe that schools should adapt a new teaching style to help students see how fascinating science can be. STEM subjects should be pushed more and STEM fairs should be more available for students to participate in. Students should get a chance to put forward their ideas to the public. They should get the chance to experiment. They should get the chance to challenge theories. They should get the chance to find answers to the questions that they ask such as: why are there stars in the sky? Why does day turn into night? What makes a shooting star? That only shows one tiny part of all the millions of questions that people ask every day. The world is constantly growing and changing which means that science is also constantly growing and changing. Science is developing so quickly which means that more questions are being asked.

As Einstein famously said – “creativity is intelligence having fun.” I think that this should be remembered more as I think it is necessary to push science forward. Science shouldn’t only be available for the select few as everybody needs to understand how science works and by working as a team rather than individuals we can achieve this. We, as a society, need to work together and discuss the possibilities of science and express our thoughts to show that science isn’t just for the privileged but for everyone to get involved in.

Bethany Trott is 15 years old and currently doing her GCSEs. She enjoys art and also maths and science so when she is older she would like to include all three subjects in her job. Bethany is aiming to become a civil engineer as she thinks it would be really interesting, and wants to push STEM forward as she thinks it is important to get a lot more people involved in science.

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