Empower young people to be scientists

Dr Becky Parker MBE, Director of the Institute for Research in Schools

The diet of school science often bears little resemblance to the practice and challenge of science.

Let young people contribute to cutting edge science at school.  There are enough problems and data to solve and analyse.  When students contribute in a genuine way they are empowered to consider scientific careers and have a realistic appreciation of the power and limitations of science.  Teachers also love the chance to be at the forefront of research in their subject and we have found many remain in the profession because of this mix of teaching and learning themselves.

In music or art you wouldn’t dream of saying you can’t contribute until you’re in the final year of University.  School students have time, digital skills and lateral thoughts so let’s put their minds to solving some of the challenges that face the world.  We have only to gain!

After a physics degree and research at the University of Chicago, Becky taught in a variety of schools. She is now Director of the Institute for Research in Schools.  IRIS supports school students and teachers getting involved in authentic research through a wide range of research projects. Becky has received Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Physics and the Kavli Education Medal from the Royal Society.

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