Make your personal queer science manifesto

Brian Lobel, Caroline Ward and Erinma Ochu are friends. Together, they tick a lot of boxes.

Queer is a term reclaimed from the haters, the homophobes, the pasty normals, the people who like everyone in an easily understood and definable box. Today, there is lots of writing about it – go ahead, google it – but basically, queer is now a term used to talk about otherness, dissatisfaction with order and definitions, and a recognition that the most exciting identities are those which eschew easy identification. We use the term queer with love, and with anger – recognising that anger is often just one stop on the journey towards utopia. When we say Queer Science, we mean it as an identity, as well as an action. A noun as well as a verb.

Our idea for science to become a more fundamental part of culture and society is for us to shout about our dissatisfactions with science and how it is practiced and discussed, to envision an more perfect and just world so that all can participate in science conversations, to draw a line in the sand. We’ve created our Manifesto for Queer Science, and our 1/100 Ideas is that everyone should create their own.

* Queer Science is all-inclusive, angry, political, and filled with unapologetic agendas.

* Queer Science is about tilting the universe on its axis to set change in motion to make another path possible

* Queer Science stops the marginalised from being the (at best) bystanders or (at worst) victims of science, and makes them movers, shakers, agenda makers.

* Queer Science stops science being for the polite and for only the ‘good kids’ and makes science radical, loud, interrupting.

* By queering science, we make it essential.

* Our queer science heroes include: ACT-UP, Turing, Sanger, Ivana Cooke, Jo Spence, the list goes on and on… But more importantly, who are yours???

* Queer Science doesn’t just go to the moon, it pays for accessibility, and insists that any people with any kinds of bodies can dream of being astronauts (and work to achieve that goal).

* Queer Science doesn’t just revere the past but questions the shoulders of the giants that came before. Queer Science asks how those shoulders that we stand on became so broad, how that giant felt confident to stand up so proudly, and who they might have stood on/exploitated/killed to get there.

* Queer Science doesn’t make weapons.

* Queer Science celebrates collaboration and community over individualism and ego.

* Queer Science constantly questions, and fights for a more just world.

* Queer Science Is fun at parties.

What’s your Queer Science manifesto?

Brian, Caroline and Erinma are friends. Together, they tick a lot of boxes.

Brian Lobel, Reader in Theatre at University of Chichester, Co-Director of The Sick of the Fringe, Former-American- Camp-Counselor-Turned-British-Performance-Artist, Good at Cooking Korean BBQ and Mac & Cheese, 50% Carrie / 30% Miranda / 20% Charlotte (sometimes 100% Samantha).

Caroline Ward, Artist, Designer and Digital Producer at Squirrel Nation/ BBC/ The Space. Dressed as an ASBO Panda whilst dancing to Neil Young and watching Emmerdale; did work experience with quarantined animals. Interest in the post-human makes sense as a consequence. Heading to Royal College of Art to explore this further.

Erinma Ochu, Lecturer in Science Communication and Future Media at Salford University and Creative Director, Squirrel Nation. Interest in amateur photography began with taking pictures of my left ear. Have been breaking rules and learning from mistakes ever since, including getting expelled from school.

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