More scientists in journalism

Mairi Mackay, OpenDemocracy

In this ‘post-factual’ era, we need clear-eyed, non-partisan media capable of bringing people together across borders. Faced with transnational threats and ever more complex global systems, we need a media that can help us join the dots on big questions. Questions like: Does climate change exacerbate violent conflict? How can poverty affect mental health? Will more education create better democracies?

Logical, curious and systematic, scientists should be leading public debates about how we solve pressing global issues. The media needs more fellowships that give journalism training to scientists. We should create a register of scientists who write and editors must be open-minded enough to let them out of the science section and into the heart of key political, social and economic debates.

The industry, society and our democracy will be better for it.

Mairi Mackay is Senior Editor at OpenDemocracy, an independent global media platform for the reporting and analysis of social and political issues. She tweets at @marmackay.

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