Reach audiences on their platforms

Lucie Kerley, Founder, Agent K; fashion and travel blogger

In a world where Snapchat is the go-to media channel for Generation Z over the likes of Twitter and Facebook, scientists would do well to reach younger generations by experimenting with the platform.

Scientists could properly engage with audiences by taking them on a journey – over the course of time – of what it’s like to actually ‘do science’. Snapchat is great for broadcasting the everyday, engaging in more light-hearted conversation, and communicating in ways not ordinarily seen on other platforms. Scientists could market an upcoming live experiment to be broadcast over Snapchat to their followers, answering questions and having fun with the scientific process to showcase a side of science which is not normally seen by the outside world.

By opening up the world of experimentation, not only do you expose science as a regular profession anyone can engage in, you allow the scientists themselves to become personalities which people can more easily relate to.

Lucie is a Social Media Strategist, Founder of Creative Digital Strategy agency Agent K and a Fashion and Travel Blogger. She founded her successful fashion and lifestyle blog in 2009 and collaborates with a diverse range of brands to help them deliver social campaigns to a wider audience. Seeing people and organisations grow, through using social media and being able to change their opinion of it – is what makes her tick.

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