Use science and technology to show the beauty of the natural world

David Angheleddu, Architect and visual artist

The technology and tools used in science allow us to explore the natural world in ways that the human eye cannot, changing scales and revealing wonderful geometric patterns that previously remained hidden.

There are fascinating natural structures throughout the natural world, from the intricacies of plants, animals (like the marine plankton skeleton below) and minerals to the behaviour of subatomic particles. All of these phenomena can now be visualised using existing and emerging technologies such as sculpture, 3D animation and augmented and virtual reality. By doing so, we can take inspiration in our own work and bring the imperceivable to life.


Davide Angheleddu is an architect and visual artist specialising in in using 3D digital modeling tools to represent the natural form. He has exhibitied at international art exhibitions in London, Milan, New York, Seoul and Santiago de Compostela. Recently he is working to a digital sculpture representing an artistic view of the Higgs Boson event, based on CERN experimental data

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