Use science as a truth-detector

Nick Ross, broadcaster and campaigner

Science isn’t just physics, chemistry and biology. It’s the best way yet discovered to distinguish truth from falsehood. It’s about thinking logically to rule out bias, chance and anything that could be misleading. It can be applied to almost any assertion or belief that relies on measurement or observation, whether about the physical universe or how people think and dream.

Yes, some of it’s complicated, but so is everything (including art, literature and even general knowledge) if you go into detail. The basics are simple, accessible and wonderfully elegant. Think of it as a truth-detector, which has a systematic way of re-checking every now and then and of keeping record of what fails and passes.

 Nick Ross is an international conference chairman and was for more than thirty years one of Britain’s best-known broadcasters. Although he still contributes to radio and TV journalism he is now heavily committed to charities and campaigns.

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